Kilkenny College 0 – 2 High School. Match report by Debbie Neill


Kilkenny College 0 – 2 High School

High School will be quite relieved to take the points from the opening encounter against Kilkenny College in today’s All-Ireland pool match. Kilkenny raised their game from last week’s defeat against the same opposition but contained them and scared them on several occasions.

This rerun was always going to be a challenge but midfielders, James Feely, Evin McClure and Simon Young kept apace and worked incessantly threading balls through.

It certainly didn’t boil down to mistakes as a very proficient defence made up of Aaron Empey, Niall Boland, Andrew Arnopp and Kieran Dalton made it very difficult for High School to penetrate at all. Ian O’Keeffe in goal dealt with a variety of shots with instinct and the game swung from end-to-end looking like anybody’s until the last quarter.

A brief lapse from the Kilkenny boys found them two goals down in minutes but Max Neill, Declan Coffey and Myles Brady kept harassing until the bitter end. Indeed, the final whistle sounded as Kilkenny regrouped for another corner which went narrowly wide.

Kilkenny’s game plan made a marked difference and ran the opposition close. Despite feeling some disappointment, there is much to smile about for coach Nasir Munir Chaudhry and assistant Hughes.

Tomorrow, Kilkenny faces Wallace in Bandon Grammar at 11.30am and Royal & Prior back in Ashton at 3.45pm.

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