KCK 2 – 4 High School. Match report by Debbie Neill


KCK 2 – 4 High School

Today’s prelude to next Wednesday’s All-Ireland clash saw Kilkenny take on High School in this league clash. Both teams started with intent but the occasional stray ball from Kilkenny allowed the opposition to settle early, counter and set the tone. Captain Aaron Empey was a thorn in High School’s side throughout with textbook tackling. High School’s breakthrough came from a well-executed penalty corner before they stole another, possibly impeding ‘keeper O’Keeffe, in a crowded circle.
After half-time, the College came out battling spearheaded by Evin McClure in mid-field. Niall Boland tucked away their first goal from close range from a corner which added fire to the game. However, High School continued to create chances around the goalmouth and found the net again twice despite many fine saves by O’Keeffe. Kilkenny finished with an opportunistic reverse shot from far out by Max Neill but the spoils went to High School today.
Kilkenny College, under coach Nasir Munir Chaudhry, have it all to play for next week.

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